Cruising the Uvac canyon

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Starting from Uvac lake, for the next 4 hours and 30 minutes you will have a chance to sail through meanders, surrounded by intact nautre. Make a reservation, we are waiting for you! *Reservations are an obligation due to limited number of seats.


Uvac lake is the starting point of our cruise. It has a unique combination of colors every season, and is a habitat for countless plant and animal species. From this point on, a voyage of 16 km awaits, and through it you will get a chance to see the Griffon Vulture, or more widley known as Eurasian Griffon. Along the way we will have a few visiting points, such as Ledena Pecina and the famous lookout from which you can see this marvelous place, almost from the brid's-eye view.

Ledena Pećina

According to legend, Ledena pecina got his name from it's constant temperature of 8 degrees celsius during the year. Beneath the limestone rocks, the cave conceals a world rich and colorful rocks that awe every visitor. The cave entrance alone is placed quite uniquely, as you need a boat to get it, of course under the watchful eye of the reserves guards.

The Lookout

For those who like hiking, we'd like to single out a specially marked path that leads to the lookout, stretching for about 1300 meters. From there you can view mother natures best works, all while Griffon Vultures fly above you. There is special joy in the panoramic view of this nature reserve, as you can see the whole canyon fade in the distance while you traverse the lookout.

About Uvac

Special nature reserve, Uvac is located in southeast Serbia, with the surface area of 7543 acres. The heart of this reserve is the canyon of the river Uvac, it is presented with a vast number of meanders who have cut a deep passage through the limestone rocks. One thing that stands out, are the krast forms of relief, in the form of pits, bays and sinkholes.
Caves are vast and rich with a variety of cave decorations, like stalactites and stalagmites, some of which have a length of more than 10 meters. Ledena pecina is one of the most famous caves in this region, even so other caves have their own charm to them, such as Usacka pecina, Tubica pecina and many others.

One of Uvac's trademarks is the Griffon Vulture. It is an exceptionaly rare, endagered species in our region. The vulture rules over the skies, and can be seen in any time of day.
In case you like to see them in person, there are numerous nests scattered all around the reservate. For that we offer a hiking tour, which is ideal for anyone who likes to take pictures from our lookouts, and enjoy the sunset.